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01 March 2021

Friendship & Love During the Hard Times

Survival is a long hard road. But I’ll be there beside you all the way . . . Every day. Sometimes life brings us tragedy, sickness and loss. It is in these times that the best of us shines though. We all know and count on that special someone with...
10 November 2020

InstaGroove Drum Solo Just for You

I’m in the studio today playing drums for a new single.  So I thought I should take a minute and create a 15 second drum loop that you can groove to on Instagram.  I’m calling it an InstaGroove.  Please let me know… What do you think? A video posted by...
10 October 2020

Here We Go is Live Everywhere!

Celebration time!  The new single “Here We Go” is now available everywhere. “Here We Go” is a brand new pop song that spans many generations and styles.  It all starts with a deep baritone guitar riff that gets your head bobbing. Next is the four string banjo that my grandfather...
01 June 2020

I Love You – InstaGroove

I had so much fun and such great comments from the first InstaGroove that I decided to make another! No instruments on this one. Only voices . . . lead vocal, backup harmonies, vocal bass and vocal percussion. It’s always fun making short songs for instagram. Please take a moment...