She’s a big time girl in a small time world,
everybody curled ’round her finger.
She be such a tease. Boys be on their knees.
They be begin’ “please” for surrender.
She’s a powerful woman. She’s a powerful woman.

Girl could stop the show. Got it head to toe.
She one overflow of attraction.
Got the perfect kiss. Got the perfect bliss.
Girl don’t get no dissatisfaction.
She’s a powerful woman. She’s a powerful woman.

What she want she get. Never lost a bet.
Girl got no regret to remember.
Girl protect her friend. Girl defend her men.
Till the very end a contender.
She’s a powerful woman. She’s a powerful woman.

Comments From SoundCloud

Mimbia Beats says: Excellent track..very catchy…Nice production…perfect!

marilynmcneal says: Super! Upbeat, got me at the first line . . .

Graham Casey says: Great production – really made my speakers come alive! Thank you!

C.R. Nightingale says: AWESOME song!!!  Nice intro!!!

Lisa Brokaw says:  “Powerful Woman” is super catchy! I’ll be watching for you to put up more of your music.

Paul Venable Music says : Cool song, performance and production!!

SweetLady D says: What a cool song vocals nice, catchy tune thx David for this

Shelia King says: yes, that’s me David!!!!! Love it!

Tubby Tate says: Loving the synths!

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