10 May 2015

InstaGroove Drum Solo Just for You

I’m in the studio today playing drums for a new single.  So I thought I should take a minute and create a 15 second drum loop that you can groove to on Instagram.  I’m calling it an InstaGroove.  Please let me know… What do you think?

A video posted by David Miller (@davidmillergram) on

I hope you will follow me on Instagram to see the latest videos and Instagrooves.  See you there!

So far The groove has picked up hundreds of likes, and I’m thankful for all the great comments:

@chrissie0902: Awesome love it
aaronlafalce: Dude, that’s grooving!
zee_bateria_johnson: Lovebit dude, i want to see more
miss_ann_p@davidmillergram: bäääm !!!
aleclytlemusic: TIGHT!
@tworivershd: Awesome!
@allendavidrolfe: Nice playing
@womatictracksI: feel the passion
tbzproductionI:  love drums just never could get the timing down with hands and feet
tbzproductionI:  would be greatly inspired to work with you….
winnie.julot: Wow
@clintmusic: Nice sounding kit!
yrakaWow!!! Excelente!!!!

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