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12 July 2015

Here We Go is Live Everywhere!

Celebration time!  The new single “Here We Go” is now available everywhere.

“Here We Go” is a brand new pop song that spans many generations and styles.  It all starts with a deep baritone guitar riff that gets your head bobbing. Next is the four string banjo that my grandfather played for decades. Then a cool sax section played on kazoos bubbles up. Toss in a full marching snare drum section and more than 50 tracks of vocals and you’ve got something I had a blast making.

The lyrics tell the stories of three artists who are living on the starting line.  They have nearly everything they need to make their dreams come true, but something is keeping them from taking the leap.  I think many of us are waiting for the sun to shine.  We’re not always sure how to get from where we are to where we want to be.  I hope you enjoy the new single.  Look for another new song next month!

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Maggie works behind a bar
Tosses coins into a lucky jar
She wishes she could be a star

Safe at home in DreamyLand
Singing to the hairbrush in her hand
She’s just too shy to join the band

Living on the Starting line
Waiting for the sun to shine
Waiting for the perfect time

Jamie only wants to dance
But she’s living someone else’s plans
Someday she hopes to take a chance

Daniel’s tracks are very strong
But the album’s taking far… too… long….
He just won’t finish the next song

Living on the Starting line
Waiting for the sun to shine
Waiting for the perfect time

Here we go… dancing on the edge
Here we go… leaping off the ledge
Here we go… laughing all the way
Take a shot . . . Chase a dream . . . Be the show . . .
Here we go!

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