06 July 2014

US Copyright Office Says “Go”

Look what I just received in my snail mailbox . . .


It’s the US Copyright Office Certificate of Registration. Songs for the upcoming album are officially registered with the Patent and Trade Office.  It’s always exciting to get one of these documents. It’s not because I had been waiting for weeks, but because all of a sudden the process of releasing new songs is very real. Until now it’s been a lot of big talk. This single page of legal parchment is shouting at me, “Stop talking. Stop dreaming. Start delivering!”

But before the songs can be released, there are two important decisions to be made.

First, I need to choose a performing rights association.  The choices are only two, ASCAP or BMI. Both organizations collect the royalties for songs that gets played on radio or TV. It’s going to be a tough choice.  The other big decision is to choose from the many digital distribution companies.  Digital distributers like ReverbNation, TuneCore and CDBaby allow independent musicians to sell their songs on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and dozens of other online music stores with a single account. Each company offers a completely unique business model.  I’m learning that the music business is very complex, very messy and there’s no instruction manual.  It’s research time.  Stay tuned for updates.




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