09 November 2014

Powerful Woman is Getting Great Reviews on SoundCloud

Thanks so much to everyone for all the wonderful comments and re-posts on SoundCloud.  I could not be more thankful and appreciative for the support and kind words.   I’ve posted some comments below the player:

Comments from SoundCloud:

Mimbia Beats says: Excellent track..very catchy…Nice production…perfect!

marilynmcneal says: Super! Upbeat, got me at the first line . . .

Graham Casey says: Great production – really made my speakers come alive! Thank you!

C.R. Nightingale says: AWESOME song!!!  Nice intro!!!

Lisa Brokaw says:  “Powerful Woman” is super catchy! I’ll be watching for you to put up more of your music.

Paul Venable Music says : Cool song, performance and production!!

SweetLady D says: What a cool song vocals nice, catchy tune thx David for this

Shelia King says: yes, that’s me David!!!!! Love it!

Tubby Tate says: Loving the synths!

Pop Dee says: let’s dance

Chris Wiggs says: Big happy sound. Great songwriting idea. Love the arrangement and the vocals. Chris. PS Excellent graphics

Don Paul Moore says: marvelous vocal work

LazyPianoMan says: Nice feel…. Great stuff

robynyoulten says: Great vocals David!!! WAY COLL SOUNDS,BEATS and very catchy indeed!!Yep.Powerful woman – now THAT’S COOL! Peace:))

Graham R Woodward says: Good mixing

B Coolz says: Great production! I love the arrangement-very catchy!

Natalia Krishtopets says: A great song!!!

B_eiger says: Good work! thanx for this track!

MayaDog says: Bravo !! I enjoyed hearing this track

MayaDog says: Wow ..Great energy !! I like it !!

Terry Aundriel says: awesome Dave

GELOW FOSTER says: very catchy…great production !

Rockerdog New Music says: neat vibe nicely done

Shelia King says: Yea! Great horns! Tear it up! Love the vocals and lyrics David!

David Louthan says: Beautiful!

Johnny Bakerlite says: Smooth track Mr Miller Cheers JB

Bobby Wallisch Jr. says: Extremely catching and full of energy and good vibes. Congrats!!

Paploviante2 says: nice production..!

|Lisbon Soul| says: This is SO groovy, man ! Great job

Lillithe says: Nice catching tune..lovely vocal:):)

Dj Milagros says: …there’s Great Equal Melody, Such Wonder Composition.

Fábio Serpe says: Excellent production!

Kapstun says: Great tune.

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