10 November 2014

In My Dreams Is Now Live On SoundCloud!


Thanks to everyone for all the great reviews on SoundCloud!  I am so thankful for the kindness and support.  Here are some of the most recent comments:

guitarwizardsofthefuture says: this is a pop masterpiece!

Jean-Michel GEORGE says: What a catchy song … Great vocals and melody David … Love it. Highly contagious :-)))

TOSA Network Worldwide says: Loving the lyrics. David YOU are awesome.

tbone711 says: Nice anthemic track meticulously crafted, the bridge at 2:05 is delicious, bravo

DiSCOKiNGZ Official says: This is fresh, fun & catchy, nice Beatles-esque edge with it’s own originality! ;-)

Ken_Doll! says: nice drum breakdown. cool song like your singing and how you don’t try to fit yourself in a box

The Driz says: This is great stuff!

oliver mampel says: great fresh sunny vibes

Massimo Primiero says: Good groove Good rhythm Very nice song :-)

sciencebase says: Cool Beatles homage

Sirj says: Love the beatles-esq 8 bar ..great energy in the track.. real feel good song :)

Janos Bihari Andersson says: a bit psychedelic vibe, cool1


Now, back to the original post…

This morning just after 10am I uploaded the second single from my upcoming album to SoundCloud. The song is called, “In My Dreams.” It’s Pop, Rock, and just about everything else. It even gets a bit psychedelic somewhere in the middle. I must admit, It is a bit indulgent. Perhaps two bits. Sometimes it feels good to just let the producer in me go overboard, and in this song my inner-producer had fun. The lyrics are quite dreamy, painting the picture of a singer-songwriter’s true wish.

“Now the world is singing together. Every voice knowing their way, through a song that goes on forever, as the night calls it a day.”

I hope you enjoy the song. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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