03 July 2014

And So It Begins

I am going to release an album!

There . . . I said it publicly. I can’t take it back. No more putting it off ‘till next year. I have lived my entire life making music. I have recorded and sold hundreds of songs, but no LPs, no CDs, no MP3s. There have been no concert tours, no gigs at local bars, no fans. My quite anonymous music career has been spent making theme songs and jingles for TV shows and radio commercials.

When it comes to music, I get bored easily. That’s why it was inevitable that I would be the king of the 30 second song. Truth be told, music has not really been a career. Instead, it’s been a side business helping to support my family. I have worked in broadcast television since high school doing just about everything one can do in the media business. I’ve been an editor, a producer, an animator, a photographer, and a web developer. As a partner in MagicDust Television and one of the creators of the TV show, “RightThisMinute,” I still get do all of those things today. Plus, I still operate my music studio, writing and producing songs 30 seconds at a time.

The Dream

But as a composer, I have some things to say musically that just can’t fit in a commercial break or news open. How I have longed for the opportunity to write the third sentence of a verse, or to sing a chorus that doesn’t mention a brand. I want to be that guy who writes those songs that people want to listen to and sing along with. The guy who wrote that one Christmas song you like. The guy who left something of value behind.

Record companies spend millions of dollars searching for and developing the industry’s next pop stars. You know pop stars. They are young, cool and beautiful twenty-somethings with a head of steam and a heart full of angst. Each ready to leave home and travel the world with little more than a band and a song. Clearly I am not that guy. I’m a husband and a dad . . . a regular guy living a regular life.

but songs are like little parts of ourselves
each with a life of their own
they live to be performed and shared
so it’s time to set them free.

The Plan

Turns out that making music is a lot easier than distributing or promoting it. That’s why record companies still exist. So today I am asking, “how hard could it be?” The answer remains to be seen, but so far it has been very complicated. Luckily a life in media has helped make this easier. I know how to master the songs, develop a web site, setup social media accounts and create a newsletter. And thanks to online tools, do-it-yourself distribution is possible for the first time.  So today I am signing a composer/songwriter with BMI.  Later this week I’ll set up iTunes, Amazon and Google Play online music sales through CD Baby.


One Song at a Time

I am staring from scratch here. No fans, no history, no previous albums. Just friends and family. So I have decided to grow the album along with the audience . . . one song at a time. Yes, it is quite untraditional and a bit crazy, but I have come to believe that sharing new songs every month or so will make everyone happy. For listeners, there will always be a new song in the works, a new release around the corner and something new to talk about. New singles will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and here at DavidMiller.tv as soon they are mastered. One song at a time, I will learn what people like and don’t like. With any luck I will find an audience. Through social media, that audience will help choose future songs, pick cover art, and the title of the album. Once all the songs are finished, the album will be released.

On the other hand, a website with only one song seems kinda thin and lonely. It makes sense to launch with three songs So, her they are:




Sweetheart Girl
  1. 1. Sweetheart Girl
  2. 2. In My Dreams
  3. 3. Powerful Woman

Like all the songs to follow they are each very different. This album will be an eclectic blend of styles and instrumentation. The only real “thread” through the album will be the voice of the songwriter.

You’re invited

I hope you will join me for this adventure. I promise to share my experiences with you and take your comments to heart. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time. Lets have some fun.




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